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Tools To Use For Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is not just a process—it’s an art. It revolves around finding someone who seemingly does not want to be seen. Whether they are evading debts, skipping bail, or simply trying to maintain a low profile, understanding the tools at your disposal can make the search significantly more efficient.

1. Digital Footprints: Harnessing the Internet

The vast digital expanse is undoubtedly the first place to start your skip-tracing journey. From Google searches to specialized people search engines, myriad platforms are awaiting your query. Simply inputting a name and some known details can unveil a goldmine of information.

2. Social Media: Beyond The Posts

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, are often repositories of valuable personal data. While posts and photos can offer hints about a person’s location and activities, the subtle details—the comments, check-ins, or shared content—can provide more precise insights into their whereabouts.

3. Premium People Finder Sites

Although several free platforms claim to offer comprehensive people search capabilities, sometimes investing in premium services like Whitepages, Spokeo, or Intelius can provide more accurate and detailed results faster.

4. Obituaries: A Window to the Extended Family

It may sound grim, but scanning obituaries can sometimes lead to unexpected connections. If the person of interest is mentioned in a relative’s obituary, it could provide links to other family members with information about their whereabouts.

5. Local Property and Tax Records

In real estate, checking local property and tax records can be invaluable. These databases might reveal properties under the person’s name, giving you a potential address to explore further.

6. Networking: Reaching Out with Care

Reaching out to family members or acquaintances requires tact and sensitivity. Emphasizing your non-affiliation with debt collectors and focusing on the property interest can pave the way for more cooperative interactions.

7. Collaborating with Skip Tracing Companies

Finally, professional skip-tracing companies might be the way to go for those particularly challenging cases or when time is of the essence. They have access to databases and resources not readily available to the public, increasing the chances of success.


Skip tracing in the real estate arena often hinges on the tools used. Whether harnessing the power of the internet, leveraging premium databases, or networking wisely, the right tools can simplify the intricate process. As real estate investors explore these tools, sealing that next big deal becomes more precise.

Frequently Asked Questions

While many online tools offer a good starting point, their accuracy can vary. It’s always recommended to cross-check information from multiple sources for the best results.


While the tools are available, it’s essential to ensure you have a legitimate reason and respect privacy laws. Misusing information can lead to legal consequences.

Like any data-gathering method, there’s always a chance of encountering outdated or incorrect details. It’s crucial to validate and verify the data whenever possible.

Skip tracing companies often have access to exclusive databases and have developed specialized techniques over time, making their results more accurate and comprehensive.

It varies depending on the information available and the tools used. While some cases might be resolved in hours, others can take weeks or even longer.

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