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How to Skip Trace Property Owners

If you’re diving into real estate investing, navigating the world of off-market properties and motivated sellers is crucial. Skip tracing, a powerful technique, helps trace down property owners effectively. Let’s unravel the mystery step by step.

Finding the Owner’s Name

In real estate, information is key. Begin by discovering the property owner’s name through various channels such as real estate map search apps, pre-foreclosure lists, and public records.

Skip Tracing Website

Explore the world of bulk skip tracing tools like Batch Skip Tracing. This tool provides cost-effective results, delivering property owner contact information within 48 hours.

Utilize Social Media Networks

Leverage skip tracing websites offering access to top-tier data sources or manually search for property owners on social media. Unearth hidden gems like phone numbers or emails.

Skip Tracing Through Google

Google, the ultimate search engine, can be a valuable resource. Learn how to use it effectively to find information on social media, web pages, and online directories.

Offline Skip Tracing Techniques

Explore the world of private investigators and their local skip tracing techniques. Discover the precautions and considerations for those who may attempt offline methods.

Which Skip Tracing Option Is Best for You?

Compare the pros and cons of different skip tracing options. Find the perfect fit for your real estate investment needs, balancing labor, costs, and data accuracy.


Choosing the right skip tracing method is vital for real estate investors. Whether using online tools, social media, Google, or considering offline techniques, the goal is to efficiently trace property owners. Invest wisely and unlock the potential of off-market properties and motivated sellers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skip tracing is a process used to find individuals, particularly property owners, who have left their known location and do not wish to be found. In real estate, it’s crucial for discovering motivated sellers and off-market properties.

You can find a property owner’s name through various methods, including real estate map search apps, pre-foreclosure lists, and public records of property deeds and titles.

Skip tracing websites like Batch Skip Tracing compile property owner contact information from various sources, providing a comprehensive report within 48 hours of running a search.

Yes, social media is a valuable tool. Some skip tracing websites provide access to social media profiles. Alternatively, you can manually search for property owners’ accounts on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn.

Google indexes public social media profiles, web pages, and directories. It’s a useful tool for searching the surface web and active social media platforms to gather information about property owners.

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