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The High-Profit Skip Tracing For Real Estate

In its simplest form, skip tracing, or skip locating, involves tracking down individuals who have left town or whose whereabouts are unknown. Often referred to as the person of interest, these individuals usually have a compelling reason not to be found, such as avoiding debt payments or avoiding legal obligations. BST, our reliable service, offers unlimited skip tracing results for our clients

Reasons for Skip Tracing

People may seek a person of interest for various reasons. It could be for their role as a crucial witness in a legal case, their status as an heir to an estate, their involvement in legal proceedings, their evasion of bail, their debt avoidance, or their ownership of abandoned real estate.

The Skip Tracing Process

The primary objective of skip tracing is to determine a person’s current location. This may involve obtaining additional information, including a current phone number, address, place of employment, or other contact details. While a skip tracer may contact the person of interest, it’s important to note that they lack the authority to make arrests; only a bounty hunter can detain an individual.

Tools and Resources

Skip tracers utilize various resources to locate individuals. Specialized databases, accessible through paid services, often provide valuable information like phone numbers, addresses, and even vehicle locations. Deep web research, social media analysis, and scrutiny of online records contribute to the search. Public records, including court and tax documents, prove useful. Additionally, interviewing known associates, colleagues, and former neighbors can provide crucial insights.

Challenges in Property Owner Searches

Searching for the owner of an abandoned or elusive property can be challenging. However, mastering skip tracing techniques equips you to locate elusive property owners effectively, turning them into potential clients.

Remember, skip tracing is a meticulous process requiring skill and expertise, but with the right approach, it opens avenues to unveil hidden information and bring closure to various cases.

Frequently Asked Question

Skip tracing is the process of locating individuals, often referred to as the person of interest, who have intentionally left town or concealed their whereabouts. It is commonly used in various scenarios, including debt collection, legal proceedings, and locating heirs or witnesses.

Skip tracing is essential when individuals need to locate someone who is intentionally hiding. This can include situations where a debtor is avoiding payments, a witness is required for legal proceedings, or an heir needs to be found for estate matters.

Skip tracing involves utilizing a range of tools and resources, including specialized databases, deep web research, social media analysis, and public records.

No, skip tracers do not have the authority to make arrests. Their role is to locate and gather information about the person of interest. Only a bounty hunter, with the appropriate legal authority, can detain an individual.

Yes, skip tracing services are legal. However, it is crucial for skip tracers to operate within the boundaries of the law and adhere to ethical practices. They cannot engage in activities that violate privacy laws.

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