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How To Use Skip Tracing To Generate Real Estate Leads

Skip tracing, a term often heard in the realms of private investigators and bounty hunters, has found its unique place in the real estate industry. But what exactly is skip tracing in real estate, and how can it be a game-changer for investors? Let’s delve deep into understanding this powerful tool.

What is Skip Tracing in Real Estate?

Skip tracing in real estate refers to the process of locating property owners who are hard to find or have “skipped” out on their responsibilities. This method involves gathering information about these individuals to contact them for potential real estate deals. It’s a strategy often employed when properties appear vacant, distressed, or have delinquent taxes.

How Real Estate Investors Can Leverage Skip Tracing?

For real estate investors, skip tracing can be a goldmine. Here’s how:

  • Locate Absentee Owners: Many properties remain vacant because their owners live elsewhere. Skip tracing can help locate these absentee owners, opening doors to potential deals.
  • Distressed Properties: Homes that are in disrepair or facing foreclosure can be prime targets. By finding the owners, investors can negotiate deals beneficial to both parties.
  • Delinquent Taxes: Properties with unpaid taxes are opportunities waiting to be tapped. Skip tracing can help investors find these owners and present win-win solutions.

Types of Services For Skip Tracing Real Estate Owners

There are various services available for skip tracing, ranging from free to paid:

  • Free Services: Websites like Whitepages or public record databases can sometimes provide the needed information. However, the data might not always be up-to-date or comprehensive.
  • Paid Services: Professional skip tracing platforms, like US Skip Tracing, offer more accurate and detailed information, making the investment worthwhile.

Cost of Skip Tracing for Real Estate

The cost of skip tracing varies based on the depth of information required and the service chosen. While free services have no monetary cost, they might consume more time and effort. On the other hand, paid services, though pricier, often provide faster and more accurate results, making them a preferred choice for serious investors.


Skip tracing is an invaluable tool for real estate investors. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, understanding and leveraging skip tracing can significantly boost your lead generation efforts. With the right approach and resources, like US Skip Tracing, you can unlock a world of opportunities waiting to be explored.

Frequently Asked Question

Skip tracing in real estate refers to the process of locating property owners who might be hard to find, often because they’ve “skipped” out on responsibilities or are absentee owners.

Skip tracing allows investors to locate and contact owners of vacant, distressed, or tax-delinquent properties, presenting opportunities for potential real estate deals.

Professional platforms like US Skip Tracing typically offer more accurate, detailed, and up-to-date information compared to free services.

The cost varies based on the service chosen and the depth of information required. While free services have no monetary cost, professional services might charge based on the number of searches or the level of detail needed.

Absolutely! Skip tracing can help investors locate owners of properties that are in disrepair or facing foreclosure, allowing them to negotiate potential deals.

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