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Frequently Asked Question

What Details Are Required for Conducting Skip Tracing on Someone?

You will need to ensure separate columns for property address, city, state, and zip code. For optimal outcomes, including the individual’s first and last name is highly recommended.

Is It Possible to Perform Skip Tracing on a Single Record?

Absolutely, you have the option to perform Skip Tracing on a single record.

What Does Skip Tracing Involve?

Skip tracing involves the task of discovering accurate contact details for the rightful owners of a specified property. This encompassing process encompasses obtaining phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, and critical ownership particulars. When you provide a list of properties to US SkipTracing, we specialize in identifying the property owner(s) and promptly furnishing their contact information.

What Information is Contained in My Output (Skip Traced) File?

The Output (Skip Traced) File Includes:

  • First and last names of the property owner
  • Mailing address
  • Up to 10 phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Indicators for absentee owners, vacancy status, liens, judgments, bankruptcy, and litigators.
What are the Benefits of Employing a Skip Tracing Service?

A significant portion of our clientele comprises Real Estate professionals who leverage our service to obtain precise right-party-contact details for homeowners they intend to establish connections with. This data proves invaluable for endeavors such as ringless voicemails, cold calling, strategic marketing campaigns, and digital retargeting efforts. Additionally, the utilization of Do Not Call (DNC), Litigator, and carrier information serves to guarantee campaign compliance.

What's the Turnaround Time for Receiving Results After Submission?

Our skip tracing service delivers results in near real-time. Depending on the quantity of records in your file, you can anticipate receiving outcomes within minutes to a few hours.

What is the Level of Accuracy in US SkipTracing Data?

Our data boasts one of the highest accuracy levels within the industry. We achieve this by merging multiple data sources, utilizing proprietary research, and harnessing the expertise of our in-house data science team. This meticulous approach ensures superior right-party contact rates.

Is it Possible to Conduct Skip Tracing on Trusts, LLCs, Corporations, and Incorporated Entities?

We excel in delivering precise phone numbers and email addresses for properties held by LLCs, Trusts, Corporations, and other entity-owned properties. Our enhanced algorithms scour through a vast database of 100 million properties to identify property owners. We cross-reference tax billing records along with their corresponding mailing addresses, and validate these addresses through credit bureaus and governmental entities, including utility companies and MVD records. The outcome is accurate contact information provided accurately on the initial attempt.

What Are the Specifics of Your Refund Policy?

Please note that we do not provide refunds. Once an order has been submitted, it cannot be modified or changed.

Is the Billing Based on a Per Search or Per Match Basis?

You are billed solely for the records that yield results. The pricing estimates provided on are designed to be conservative, so it’s probable that your actual cost will be lower than the quoted amount.

Whom Should I Contact for Any Inquiries Regarding My Orders?

Feel free to contact our Support team through LiveChat or utilize our Contact Form for any inquiries you have regarding your orders.

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